Healthy Checks mean Healthy Business!

Healthy Checks mean Healthy Business!

We are ClearedCheck Systems. We develop & market check processing solutions. Put us to work for your business today. Let us show you how to use new payment technology to improve operational efficiency, streamline check processing & and maximize profits. Tell us your needs and let us show how we can help you reach your objectives. Save time and money while accelerating cash flow by taking advantage of our expert knowledge of check transaction processing.

Why Choose ClearedCheck?

We know checks. You will benefit from our personnel’s 25 years of experience in the check processing industry. Our unparrelled growth is due in part to our committment to excellence in introducing new payment technologies and higher levels of service to our corporate clients.

 Our sophisticated check authorization and clearing systems use precise fraud control parameters designed to protect your transactions and cashflow while delivering authorization service at blazing speed.

 With ClearedCheck™ anti-fraud technology, you gain access to an extensive national database of checkwriter and bank checking account information. Our solutions help clients increase sales, eliminate check losses and improve customer satisfaction.

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