Know For Sure… Reduce ACH & Check returns with NationalVerify™


Our Basic real time authorization service will give you access to our proprietary database for both check and ACH verifications.
Our Premium service has additional functionality to give you and your clients the most complete and predictive bank data available including:

*The most current account activity

*Validate bank accounts with real time access to financial institutions worldwide.

*The amount of time the bank account has been active

*Whether or not the applicant has their paycheck directly deposited to that account

*The frequency of the direct deposit

*The number of times the account has been in NSF status

*Balance = or- in $100 increments

*Confirm ability to receive ACH transactions

*Identify all bank accounts associated with an applicant

*Detect High Risk factors by institution

*Includes Debit card and Auto Bill pay transactions

For more detailed information on how NationalVerify™ can help you with ACH and check payment verification contact me today at