Deposit any check, at any time, from any location, to any bank with ClearedCheck™ Remote Deposit

ClearedCheck Remote Deposit

Ideal for Property Management Companies!

New Technology available for the Management of Checks!

Clearing a check used to require a trip to the bank and 5-7 business days of waiting for your funds.

ClearedCheck™ is now marketing a valuable service to the business community. Our “Remote Deposit” service improves cash flow and office productivity. It’s quite simply the most comprehensive remote check deposit system available on the market.

Now you can deposit checks without ever leaving your place of business. With “Remote Deposit” you simply scan paper checks and approve a deposit right from your desktop.

Our scanner captures an image of each check and all pertinent data including the payment amount, then seamlessly converts the approved information into an electronic format for secure transmission and deposit into your bank account.

Checks deposited by this exciting method never have to be endorsed on the back, physically presented at the bank or returned to the check writer. During the scanning process, checks are automatically marked to indicate that they have been electronically deposited.

All you need to get started is a computer with Internet access and our check scanner.

Here are a few of the Benefits that you will enjoy using ClearedCheck™ Remote Deposit service:

Enjoy faster availability of funds, later deposit cutoff times, and eliminate trips to the bank.

Saves Money
Less time spent waiting in line at the bank and less travel to the bank save time and gasoline expenses.

Frees up Staff Time
ClearedCheck™ remote deposit capture eliminates labor-intensive tasks such as preparing deposit slips, endorsing checks and driving to the bank. And because this solution utilizes technology that recognizes the dollar amount on most checks, there is no need to manually enter this information. Simply review the scanned information before approving the deposit.

Easy To Use
Little or no training needed to use our intuitive web based software and seamlessly integrated scanner. Deposit can generally be made in less than 5 minutes.

Get detailed reports, track deposit history, access images of checks. Get all of the information you wish you could get easily from your bank.

Faster Availability of Funds
Generally funds will be available the next business day as long as checks are successfully deposited using by 6 PM eastern.

1. Collect
Your organization continues to receive and gather checks as it does now.

2. Prepare for Deposit
Your organization feeds checks through the easy-to-use scanner that ClearedCheck™ provides. The scanner captures an image of each check and attempts to recognize the dollar amount. If the dollar amount is recognized, it appears automatically on the screen. If not, the screen prompts you to manually enter the correct amount

3. Review and Approve
After all your checks have been scanned, make sure all the dollar amounts match up before approving the deposit. A list of all scanned checks to be approved will appear

4. Confirm
ClearedCheck™ generates a deposit report confirming the total amount to be deposited into your organization’s account.

Put today’s new technology to work for your business. It’s easy to get started using Clearedcheck™ Remote Deposit. Give us a call today at 1-800-791-8764 to schedule a web demo appointment. We’ll show you how our service works, and answer any questions you or your staff may have. if you then see our service being a good for your organization, we can get you up and running right away!

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